Let Ramadan Shine on Our Houses with Peace and Love!

Ramadan Kareem


Only those who fast can know how tasty even a drop of water is. To many people, Ramadan is known for fasting. Ramadan is not all about fasting, though.

Ramadan is the month of fasting, sharing, and praying. It is also a moment of excitement and reflection for Muslim families. I remember my childhood Ramadans as unforgettable and sweet moments with the family. The mosques decorated with lights. The gathering of the extended family around a large table and waiting for the iftar (dinner) time with excitement. Then the shadow theater comes for the kiddos. Experiencing the festive moments of praying tarawih, special prayers performed in Ramadan. And the joy of waking up early for sahoor (breakfast). Kids cannot wait to get small gifts from parents and relatives. Counting down for the Eid to get big presents, collect money, and new clothes.

Beautiful decorations, music, and special clothing can help create a Ramadan spirit at home. I believe that creating such a festive environment helps all family members experience Ramadan better with joy, prayers, fasting, and helping others. A special atmosphere is the first step to teach our children the values that the Ramadan inspires such as sharing, peace, kindness, compassion, praying, and respect in a memorable way.

This Ramadan, I make a small step toward the popularization of this idea. My shop, Sweet Moon, inspired by the sweetness of the Ramadan Moon, will be a modest attempt to help families create lifetime Ramadan memories.

I start my journey by providing Ramadan t-shirts and hoodies as well a starting a blog to share my ideas on how to make Ramadan special for the kids.

Stay tuned for future ideas and products!

Halide from Sweet Moon.

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